the chicks!!!!!!!!

all said about the nest and everything.well,now lemme tell u abt the chicks!
the day they hatched and i saw them-they looked like teeny-tiny little squiggly-wriggly inch long worms.u could hardly make out which was their head and where was the the most i barely managed to make out that there were 3 chicks(i was a litlle hesitant to even call them chicks,worms sounded suitable).
after 2 days,i just peeped in to see if they were even alive.
not only were they alive,but i barely recognised them.they had grown so much,sounds mellodramatic,but yeah-they had grown a lot!
for a week from then,they were constantly fed by their mum n dad,survived intrigued me that such weaklings were making it this far and i must say-they were doing great!
even my dad got infected with my enthusiasm and he contacted a wild life photographer who was intrested in bird nests.
ive always heard that birds chirp but these guys hardly made a sound.
and then one fine day,they just flew away.
the wildlife photographer did turn up but he missed those guys by a matter of few hours.he had a look at the nest and just exclaimed-'beautiful!'.
thats why they say-beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
he told me that it was an 'ashy wren warbler'.
the nest is still there in my garden-he told me that they dont use the same nest to lay their eggs my bro asked me if he could just take away the nest.i almost threatened him saying that the nest stays right there.
another saying-'a thing of beauty is a joy forever..............'


ICEMAN said…
Oooooooh Chicks....I love Chix!!!
shastri007 said…
chicks..r always been fav of me!!

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