wanna pen down a few lines about my favourite place in mysore.
Lemme introduce you to 'chamundi hills' a.k.a 'betta' among all mysoreans.the best part abt 'betta' is that no matter which corner of mysore you are in-its always visible.ive heard stories about students praying in the computer lab looking at 'betta' before compiling their programs.its serene beauty is what sraws me to it.whatever be the means of transport you are using to get to the top-bus,vehicle or your 2 legs(i prefer them best),the view from the top is amazing.i remember being to 'betta' at around 11p.m,deserted-and watch the mysore palace light up from 'betta' is too good.had been there yesterday.for the first time i went there all by myself!i went climbing,and saw 4 between clouds,it was like walking in a dream.watching the first rays of sunlight fall on mysore,trying to locate my college and other places from the top is what we mostly do besides sitting and talking for hours.
honestly,if you've been to 'betta',you know what i'm talking about.if you havent been there-then you sure did miss out on the best thing in mysore!


shastri007 said…
i enjoyed it...
we used to go..while i was in mysore..
i remember one of my frined praying t0 pass his exam.. although he was not a devotee

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