DON'T GROW UP........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we were kids,unaffected by worries regarding college,time and sleep-life seemed so much more simpler.why do we get so busy,unable to find time for simple things that gave us immense pleasure during our childhood?

i came across this song that encourages a kid to open up.
these lines really touched me

Tujh Mein Agar Pyaas Hai
Baarish Ka Ghar Bhi Pass Hai
Roke Tujhe Koi Kyon Bhala
Sang Sang Tere Aakash Hai

the very idea of rain having a house appealed to me.

i think this song would be more appropriate for grown ups!


Tarak said…
The movie which has this lyrics is also a good one!
I agree with ur thoughts.
Iceman said…
which movie is it from?
rubbiya said…
As kids we just live for our selves but as grown ups we've began living for the society..which is very sad
Only when we grow up do we realize how precious and priceless our childhood was...:-)

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