Footprints on the sands of time

This is a simple homage to Dr.P.K.Sethi,a man who gave people the power to have their own footprints.Many people benifitted from his invention-the 'Jaipur Foot',irrespective of their nationality-Indians,Afghans....all survivours.Blessed with functional organs,I might not be able to completely appreciate his efforts.When he passed away,for most of us-he was just a great doctor whose death was being reported in a few paragraphs in the newspaper.But to every single human whose life he changed with his invention,it must've been like losing a friend.He co-invented it with an illiterate craftsman,Ram Chandra Sharma.Proves that education alone does not bring ideas into your head-the idea needs to be there,whether you are 16 or 60,black or white,man or woman.Here's to all the mobilisation in the world because of this great doctor........


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