brains and trains....

brains and trains......its my story of how you should never get on a train when you are not sure that you possess a functional brain.very bad idea!me and 4 other friends of mine had simple intentions of reaching mysore from bangalore by means of a train.....we even got the tickets and found out which platform we needed to be on-platform no.10.wat we failed to see was that there were 2 trains on the same that went from blore to mysore-the one we were supposed to be on,and the other which had come to blore from mysore and was going to shimoga-yeah,thats the one we were on!we just saw mysore and blore on the board on the train and assumed that it was the right one.we even dismissed the wrong direction in which the engine was standing,thinking that they were gonna move it later to the other end.making ourselves comfortable in the wrong train and after about half an hour,the train began moving in the wrong direction.even then,we thought they were detaching the engine and that the train was just moving a few feet in the process.only when it gained speed,we asked our co-passengers-this goes to mysore,right?the lady replied calmly-'no.shimoga'.thats it-we just grabbed our bags-not really knowing what to do immeadiately,i just moved to the door.some man wearing a shirt was enjoying the view of the platform(is that something that is enjoyed???????????),i asked him-'excuse me,sir-swalpa sarkoli'.poor fella obliged only to find me jumping off the train...followed by 2 more girls.i even tore my jeans and scraped my knee.2 other friends of mine couldnt jump off as the train went past the platform.the railway official nearby stopped the train using his wireless.and then after being lectured about the dangers involved in jumping off trains,we finally found the right train.......phew....!!!!!!!!personally-i enjoyed jumping off the train.


Iceman said… thats a story to tell!!
How many of us can say that?

I find " They stopped a moving train for me" quite boring.hehe!

See? You have an exciting story to tell yer G-kids later in life!
rubbiya said…
jumping off the train paid off dint it?
navz said…
k so jumped of wit ruby is it , or was it that u were the daring among the group, but man jab we met was jst the opposite like it was jst missing the train but this sounds too wacky, kinda thrilling and adventurous kooooool
ramyashree said…
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