the balancing act

Picture a married man driving a scooter with his darling sari-clad wife seated behind.She holding on to his shoulder,while the man navigates through our desi roads.How decently romantic!
The Kerala govt disagrees.........
Taking note of the rise in the number of 2-wheeler accidents,the kerala high court has suggested an amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act(whoever knew it even existed?)
for prohibiting women in sarees from riding pillion on two wheelers.
According to the court,women wearing sarees sitting facing one side,with their legs sticking out,makes it difficult for the driver to negotiate roads with curves and potholes...hence leading to accidents.Never mind that the govt does not want to take up responsibility for the potholes.Instead,it comes up with an intelligent solution of prohibition of women wearing sarees riding pillion.
Is this going to change things in Kerala....are women going to switch to salwaar kameezes?Or is the auto rickshaw business going to encounter a sharp economical growth?
I wonder if this will be implemented in real....and if it is,will it change anything?


Iceman said…
If there is any Act I heard about all my life, its the Motor vehicles act.

I guess..its a good thing. Makes sense to me atleast. Besides, who cares about the things going on in Kerala? they always find a way to go around the law.

Within 10 years, you will only be seeing saree clad women on ethnic days and wedding ceremonies.
rubbiya said…
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rubbiya said…
I can understand if saree clad women arent allowed to paraglide...this is a lil too funny!!
damn said…
Are u serious? I mean does such an act exist? If yes thn it should be in our 8th sem syllabus(CIPE). I dint knw kerala was so dumb. dumber thn us.
Modesta said…
Thanks for writing this.

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