Bratty Boss

How does an annoying person get to be the 'Boss'?

How do they earn the reputation of being loathed by one and all?

One such real-life incident that i came across.

Boss and Employee are taking the same bus home.A time to discus all the stuff that do not relate to office worries.Usually its dedicated to bragging about their kid's performances,awards,etc.

A year ago,the Boss was overjoyed when his daughter made it into a well known IT company,while still in her final year.Boss brags about it and the staff is even treated to a lunch at the best hotel in town.To the peon,it just means a nice afternoon meal.

Then,recession happened.

Boss's daughter never got to see the offer letter.Takes up a job in a local IT firm.Boss evades inquiries about her meager salary by pointing out how close to home the workplace is.

Back to the office bus,Boss discloses to Employee how his daughter quit the job.Reason being her boss asking her to photocopy some documents.Boss keeps ranting on about how insensitive his daughter's boss was.Employee offers condolences and changes the topic to the drop in fuel prices.

Next day,Boss summons Employee to submit a few important files.While the Employee is about to leave,Boss orders-

'My phone battery is down.Keep it for charging.....'

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