How to watch cricket in my PG

My PG is full of girls who are addicted to daily soaps.
Be it in Tamil,Telugu or Hindi.
It doesnt matter even if the entire episode has no dialogues and it only has different set of couples staring at each other.
So,how to get hold of the remote and make umpteen girls to stick to their rooms if you want to watch a cricket match?

It wasnt easy,but nothing is impossible ;)

First,you go and stand right in the middle of the hall. There might be empty chairs,but still-stand. No sitting. That reaffirms that it is an important match. Wait for the commercial break. You dont have to wait long really.

India have set a target of 320 and SL are 64-0 and theyre just into their 8th over.
Not in a good position right.If India arent doing very well,then Im not in a good position either. The chot mensinkayi who is in possession of the remote might anytime flick the channel to the telugu soap. I pray hard for a wicket,and voila! Bhajji gets one,and i jump and whoop and my PG mates stare at me in astonishment.

Im still standing.

Couple of minutes into the match and Bhajji strikes again. I cheer again,and am stared at yet again. Now the telugu serial is turned back on.

Thank God i dont know telugu. But you dont have to know telugu to understand whats happening in the soap. Husband and wife are fighting. Both point fingers at each other and shout-



After some equally heated telugu arguments the guy swears at the lady in English and i point out to chot mensinkayi about the match and its luckily turned back.

Im still standing.

Ishant Sharma gets No.3. I celebrate in my own weird fashion.
By now they've stopped staring at me.

Ive sat down by now,but Ive not relaxed,just to show em that it is still an important match.

Now i have the guy who runs the PG joining me to watch the match.So its 2(owner included,so additional weightage) against 4.

After some more channel switching,the girls finally begin to depart into their cocoons. I get hold of the remote. A great achievement in itself. :P

A couple of minutes into the match,the channels suddenly switch to some telugu thing. I stare down at the remote in my hand. Only then i realise that the TV has 2 remotes!!!!!!!

I had to spend the next 10 mins watching a bad guy in a white dhoti (with a green border :D) worn like a lungi trying to torture the innocent girl( so innocent that she voluntarily went to the bad guy).

My roommate calls me enquiring about the scores and i can hear her friends exclaiming in the background while i update them. Roommate promises to come asap to support me in case there's a fight for the remote. She arrives 10 mins later and directly gets into the hall. She did not even take off her ID until the match was over.

Later another soap watcher arrives,but she finds that almost everybody is engrossed in cricket and decides to be a part of it as well. She discloses that she knows nothing about sports. So until the match concluded,we give her a crash course on cricket. She says she'll forget everything,but i assure her that we'll review it soon since the Champions trophy is round the corner. But you dont need to be a genius at cricket to be able to laugh at the way Sangakara got out. :D

So we saw the rest of the match with no much interference from anybody. We even helped the PG owner's kids with their homework during the match.

All said,we managed to watch the match and India managed to win. There was no war as such for the remote,and we all watched the match in peace under the same roof.

Did i mention that the roof leaks?


Iceman said…
It doesn't leak. Its rain water harvesting.

Good that you could watch the match finally. Down with soaps!
nature boy said…
That was funny,it would have been hilarious if India had lost....damn you soap opera watchers!
Abhishek said…
he he very funny....
be careful some girls can kill to watch a soap!!..
pavan kunch said…
Does that "chot mensinkayi" understand cricket?
vikas mk said…
One tv should NOT have 2 remote controls , its like one guy having two wives....;).
Vishwas Krishna said…
I'm worried about Manju and Gopi now! And more worried about which is which gender!
anusha said…
we have 2 remotes cause one of em chooses not to work on most days.That day,was not one of those days.

manju is the girl,shortened (im assuming) by her loving husband!
was that so difficult to figure out?
Vishwas Krishna said…
Yes, especially, when I have male friends by that name!! In fact, both the names can be used for both the genders. Gopi, could be a short form of some female name like Gopika and Manju as you pointed out could also be a short form!
anusha said…
yeah-quite valid.
but seriously,even the genders of manju and gopi are irrelevant if you forcibly had to watch them fight instead of watching cricket.
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Suree said…
1 TV with 2 remotes????

we have faced similar situation when i was in my Btech in hostel,but it when ever there is cricket there wont be any competition..

I wonder how people still see the soaps,they show a scene in different angle with different zoom levels with editing effects... i sometimes doubt is it a serious or some comedy show...?

any ways you have a nice blog.. following you ...

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