The Inder fan club... :)

This one's been long overdue.Much to the annoyance and amusement of people i know.. :P

So I joined the company and live in a PG.Here's one interesting story that involves both of them.My PG mate came across this dashing young man,Mr.Inder,and she couldnt stop talking about him.Mr.Inder was simply all brains and no brawn.The other PG girls spotted him in the food court and they all went gaga over him.My PG girls were practically smitten by this guy.I hadnt been affected by the epidemic,just because i had simply never seen him.
I was told that he wasnt exactly good looking-a short guy infact,but there was something mysterious about him that attracted all the girls.Days passed by and Inder-fever was still prevalent.So much that one girl made the other girl vow that she wouldnt utter his name for a week.And no,I'm not exaggerating :P

It so happened one fine day,the bad news arrived that Mr.Inder would permanently be shifting into my floor.Shattered and dissapointed,my PG girls assigned me the task of spying on him.I told em-"Wait,I dont even know how he looks like".
So I was made to look at his pics,and I was expected to recognise him.They told me he didnt exactly look like how he loooked in the pics.Hmmmmmm.....This,apparently was the best they could do to educate me about his appearence. :D

Days passed by and I was a terrible spy.Neither had i spotted him once,and nor did I have a clear picture of how the guy looked like.For all I know,he might have passed me several times and I would still may not have recognised him.And one fine afternoon,I get a call on my desk phone which displays Mr.Inder's name.I cant believe my eyes.I mean,why on earth would he call me eh?And the extension number is that of the cubicle next to mine.I pick up,and said "Hello" but by then Mr.Inder had realised that he'd dialed the wrong number.Mr.Inder,sitting right next to my cubicle,and all these days I hadnt even realised it.This was hot news and for the next 30 mins I pinged all the Inder-fever infected girls with the latest update.They couldnt believe it that I was so dumb I couldnt notice him for so many days.

Later during the day,one of my PG girls came by and started speaking out loudly so that he would notice and come and say Hi to his old floor-mate.Plainly,he was not all that intelligent as I had heard about him.All her efforts went in vain.

Over the days,I was assigned tasks each day like-

Hey,today you have to see him properly atleast once.

But the ultimate goal that they set for me was-
"Become his friend,so that you can introduce him to me,and then I can be his friend too" (read girl-friend)


The days passed on,while i got more familiar with the face of my subject.I was to update the Inder fan club with his shirt and trouser colors,tell them how many times I met him,was he with any other girl... etc

Over the days,the Inder spy club expanded and more members joined it over many other locations of my company.One such spy member's recent achievement was a married woman's confession about her crush on Mr.Inder.How he got that piece of information out of that lady,I have no idea.And why she decided to divulge this very personal information,I have no idea either.I was also told that one of my PG girl's team mate also has a crush on him.It seems all the girls (married,unmarried) seem to be having a crush on him.

The nice part is,the same girl who tried desperately to catch Mr.Inder's attention the last time,managed to do so this time with no effort at all.We had a curious little (well,the guy is short after all) Mr.Inder,standing on his toes,peeping over the cubicle partitions,while we chattered on barely noticing that we were being watched.In the end,Mr.Inder finally gave her a much deserving smile.And the next thing I know is that she's blushing red,her face matching her red shirt.
Well,thats the story so far.

I simply had to write this one.I dedicate this post to the Inder fan club! I think they will love this,inspite of getting angry with me in a very sweet and loving manner.Just dont kill me,girls!!! :)

P.S : The girl in red,well,she claims she is bored of him now.


Ashrith said…
nice one....i have seen mr.Inder...i think he s a handicapped:-) i dnt y girls r behind...may be girls lost the real taste i guess.....
anusha said…
Thank God.
It means i still have taste... :P
vikas mk said…
This guy Inder.....lets have a look at him in the next post ... to have an entire fan club, He must be doing something right..;)
anusha said…
No pics!I promised.
And no more request for pics either.
But if you have to take Ashrith's word for it,then the next time you sit next to a guy who looks sorta handicapped yet cute,then watch out.
You might just be staring at Mr.Inder! :P
kavya said…
Funny. Slowly you might also become his fan. who knows? He is also short:P
kavya said…
Funny. You have to show me his pic. I wanna know how bad/good your PG girls' taste is :P
Anonymous said…
He is not that bad... :).. And you people say he is handicapped just b'cos e walks on toes..
anusha said…
U can come here only and have a good look at the specimen :P
kavya said…
Men walking on toes? Gawd! I wanna see that :D :D
ashwini said…
ha ha Big task for u anu.. we really want to see his pic :)
anusha said…
@ Ashwini

U work so nearby to our office.You can see him only if you drop in.

@ Kavs

I think he might probably be just as tall as you. :P
Dreamweaver said…
ISL chomb hidkond hoogodu gurantee aaytu ;)
Iceman said…
A married woman had a crush on him? What's coming to the world?

And you know, short means you are compatible. You know what that means.

The title of your post should have been

"IBM and the nerds they hire"
anusha said…
@ Iceman

The married woman was not married when she first saw Inder.

I might be compatible,but I'm not part of the Inder fan club.I have better taste.Moreover,the guy has a huge attitude problem.

If I was to name my post "IBM and the nerds they hire",then you would be seeing an entirely different facet of IBM ;)

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