How about an easy-auto???

A couple of days ago,I was the recipient of a forwarded e-mail,sent out by a pal about an auto service. I generally prefer the buses to commute between places,and I didn't really take any special interest in exploring about the auto service. One of those sultry afternoons when you're wrestling off sleep,i happened to scan my mails again,and i did look into the link regarding those autos. And it immediately caught my attention. The service is pretty simple. You call up 9844112233(an easy number to remember),and you're connected to a call centre guy. You state your boarding location and your destination. Through an attached GPS device,they trace the nearest auto,and connect you to the driver. In case the driver is quite a distance away,then they consent you on whether its allright if you are charged for the entire distance(i.e-from the auto guy's current location,to your boarding location and to your destination). Once you have agreed on it,you're given the Auto guy's contact info and details,and they arrive at your boarding location. There onwards,you're piloted to your destination,at a charge of Rs.7/km. Irrespective of the time of the day,you are going to be charged at the same tariff. No overheads!

Check out their website- Easy-auto

I tried this out today when i had to commute to the railway station from my office along with 2 other friends. The auto guy took 15-20 mins to arrive since he was 2 kms away from our office. And we got to the station in 30 mins. We were charged 110/- whereas the auto driver himself confided that normally,he would've asked 200 bucks from us. They are not allowed to raise the rates,and are only allowed to accept tips if the commuter volunteers to do so. And well,the entire initiative was taken up by a lady,Padmashree Harish. Our driver,Kishore, was all praise for the lady saying how she invested in equipment close to 20k worth for each auto.

This service has its own pro's and cons. Its safe,and you dont really have to worry about getting ripped off. The next best thing to buses during late nights,or early mornings. The downside being,you might not always get an auto immediately.

Try it out sometime!!!


Vishwas Krishna said…
Nice initiative. I guess, this service is available only in Bangalore. You mentioned the use of GPRS to track auto drivers. I think it should be GPS.
Anusha said…
Yep,available in Bangalore. And thanks for pointing out the typo.

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