Feeling hot,hot,hot!!!

When you walk out in the noon lately,do you feel like somebody is slapping your face? Not having problems drying clothes right? Does the sight of watermelons quenches your thirst? Ice-candy melting too soon before you can lick it up? Dont like having bath in hot water under any circumstances? Wondering how you managed to run around your neighbourhood during you School's summer vacations,while now you love coming to office just because of the A.C ? How did we manage to spend all day outdoors then-Is it more hot now,or have we become more sensitive towards the sun? Plants withering up too soon? No water in the over-head tank? Paying exorbitantly for drinking water? Cant sleep at night because of incessant power cuts? Heard about Shimla's 2nd hottest March in 100 years? Bright sunlight turns you off? Re-arranging your schedule such that you are not required roaming around the city at noon?

The word  "GLOBAL WARMING "  ringing bells now  ?????
Do something for the planet,before its too late.....


quirkygirl said…
I must give it to you for listing almost everything on the hot-hot hit list! My answer to all the questions is YES. :( Especially the fact that the weather doesn't let one go out and roam around without turning sweaty and tired.
High time we did something about all this. Even if a tree planting drive is not in our hands, one can at least cut down on paper use, not use plastic bags, use public transport and do our bit.
anusha said…
yes,anything at all. do your bit people.

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