Interpretations of 'adventure'

This morning while i tuned in to a radio channel-this was what caught my ears by surprise.

A common question thrown out by the RJ "What is missing in your life?"

A girl calls up, and engages in a conversation-

RJ : So tell me, what do you think is missing in your life?

Girl : < Sigh> < Pause > I think there is no adventure in my life.

RJ :  You sure do sound like there's no adventure in your life. Why dont you try dating men ? I never knew dating men was classified adventurous.

Girl : Hmmmm...

RJ : Oh wait. Are you married or something??

Girl : No, i'm just a student. A dental student.

RJ : Student. Eh, then how can you not have adventure in your life. Bunking classes.... Dont tell me you dont bunk classes? At this point, i'm wondering if this RJ found nothing better to suggest?

Girl : No. Dont do that. Cant do that.

RJ : Why? What is the worse that can happen?

Girl : I could lose 6 months.

RJ : Oh. No, we wouldn't want a bad adventure. Just good adventures. Maybe you should travel. Ah,now she's beginning to make some sense. Like go bungee jumping. Bungee jumping and travelling are two different things right?

Girl : Hmmm.. Yeaaa... I bet the girl's still doubtful of the RJ's advice. I would never take any advice from this RJ.

RJ : Tell you what, we'll give away Spa vouchers just to make your life more exciting.

Girl : Yipppeeee. That sounds cool. Going to the spa,is an adventure. Waah-Kya zamana aa gaya.


Banupriya said…
I probably would not have even noticed the absurdity if i had listened to the RJ, but "going to the spa is adventure. wah kya zamana agaya"- really cracked me up :)
anusha said…
When the Radio is your only source of entertainment-you'll be surprised at your imagination. We've had some huge laughs in my room over what i heard, as against what the RJ said :P

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