If James Bond were to be in my office....

It was one of those afternoons, where i'm fighting off the urge to fall asleep on my keyboard. All of a sudden, i begin to wonder, what would happen-if James Bond were to be here?

* He'd have to always have a silencer on his gun, because of the " Maintain silence " sign

* If he barges into any meeting room ( with his gun, tux etc ) which has already been occupied-he will only be greeted by a question- " Have you booked this room ?? "

* Say he does barge into an empty meeting room, then he will only have a engineer knock on his door in a couple of minutes, flashing his laptop screen at James Bond ( like it were some kinda bullet reflecting shield ), and annoyingly tell him- " I've booked this room !! "

* James Bond would get frustrated every time a process is killed. Why? 'Cause only Bond has the License to kill :P

* Miffed at being asked to swipe the ID at every door you pass, he'd just blow up all the doors on the way. Once Bond has been through my floor, it would possibly look like the surface of Mars.

* He would still get calls coaxing him to buy Credit cards. Even Bond does not get exempted from this!

* You wont be allowed to smoke in the office Mr. Bond, you'd set off the smoke detectors. You'd have to walk by till you're out of the premises to light that cigarette. There's a fair chance that you'll have the fairer sex accompanying you as well.

* If there is some B'day cake left ( fat chance, but a possibility nevertheless ), even James Bond gets a share. But remember Mr.Bond, the cake is a lie !!! 



vikas mk said…
1.James bond would be pissed that his email id is bonjames@companyName.com and not 007@companyName.com cuz all the mail-ids are computer generated ... :P

2.He'd have 2 sets of Business cards. Card 1 with the name "Bond" the Card 2 with the name "James bond".

3.And he wont be allowed to have any Bond girls while doing WFH ... ;)
anusha said…
@vikas- he cant have bond girls while working from office either! :P

What makes you think there are any bond girls in the IT industry? :P
quirkygirl said…
Ha ha! Hillarious post! Best thing to do during sleepy afternoons, putting your imagination at work!
I have one- He won't get a chance to finish the bad guy(read manager) off!
Rather, it will be the manager who will take a swig at him during the year end rating!
anusha said…
yep-the rating system sucks in everybody into its trap. Now, even Bond cant get away with that one! ;)
shilpa said…
Hilarious and that too on a sleepy afternoon.

Also, he might not get free coffee tea and I am sure he'll end up killing the cafeteria guys.
He'll die eventually after eating the cafeteria food. THE END
anusha said…

Yep-once Bond has finished punishing the coffee/tea machines and the cafeteria guys, our food court would look like its been through a nuclear explosion
pavan kunch said…
The meeting room thingy described exactly as it happens @ IBM...good work :) Even bond would doze of on noons after a siesta in any IT job :)
anusha said…

so-if bond too started dozing, then would he too start blogging about the activities scuttling around in his head?

interesting ....
pavan kunch said…
@Anusha:Yes,From an Ipad I suppose :)or he he would put the manager at gunpoint and get his PBC rating as 1 :) and would eventually give up his job seeing his increment papers !

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