Survival of the fittest

A post dedicated to my beloved phone.

This phone arrived into my world on the occasion of my 21st B'day. I was in a phase of life when almost everyone, even my maid , had a cellphone. So finally, the day i turned 21- a black shiny phone enters my world, and there has never been any looking back after that. Life, had changed.

It was my dad's gift to me, and i'd been ever careful with it always. Until, 2 weeks ago.

Mr.Phone wanted the rights to taking a dip in my bathing water. And dint think it was civil enough to wait for my permission-he just jumped in at the sight of steaming hot water. The next thing that happened was, i'm dismantling my phone-parts i never knew existed, and running around my PG asking if anybody had a blow dryer. No, i dint have one. And Yes, i am a girl. So i kept blow drying my phone, while the screen kept getting blurrier with water vapor every 10 mins. Even in the worst crisis of your life, you simply HAVE to go to work. There are no excuses to stay away from The Bald Eagle. Thanks to Bhuvana, who lent me her spare phone for the day. Yes, i mentioned '....for the day'. Which implies, my phone was up and running the next morning , like it had never been near a bucket of water ever.

It doesnt end here. 10 days later, i'm riding pillion, and aunt calls. My fingers switched to butterfingers mode, and the phone slipped through my fingers on the wide open road. As i frantically scurried to get my phone back to safety, there came an auto, like its sole purpose in life was to run right over my phone. And yes, i was the witness to this, while the auto just went right over my phone. My heart nearly stopped beating, as i approached the phone. I picked it up, it looked fine. I turned it over, it was badly bruised. But it dint look bad at all. Seconds later, aunt calls back again complaining that the sound system of her computer is creating problems ( I wonder why people think that just because you do a B.E in Computer Science, qualifies you to fix anything that's even remotely associated with a Computer ). I didn't know whether to thank her, since her phone call confirmed that my phone was alive and kicking. Or to just curse her, for if it weren't for her phone call, my phone would never have to see how being run over feels like. All i can say is, i'm glad tyres are made of rubber, and that autos are not as big as elephants.

Somethings in life, are there for a purpose. Which is why even a hot bucket of water, or even being run over by an auto cant destroy them :)


Kavya said…
Woah! Pretty loyal phone :D

My phone has survived my anger so many times. I have threw it on the road like it was some piece of crap ( i was SOO angry :P) but it has never let me down :P :)
anusha said…
Nokia phones, are very robust and reliable. :)
Anonymous said…
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- Norman
Ha ha ha ha ha ha... technical glitches of a technical girl....

awesome dear...

and yeah.. if you are a computer science engineer then whole society will conspire against you... you are supposed to rectify each and every problem ... ha ha ha ha ha ha..

Good one... :)

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