Obama's Diwali excursion.

There are a lot of burning issues this Diwali in the country - Ashok Chavan and the Adarsh housing society, India-NZ test series ( I know a lot of people are unaware about this one. For a few mins, even i believed when informed that it was a India-Zimbabwe series :D ), Jairam Ramesh and the owls, Rains in Blore and Mysore ( the croc from the zoo was found lurking in one of the roads :P ).

But to top them all was Obama's maiden visit to India as the President of the United States.

 " Atithi Devo Bhava ". Treat your guests like the Gods. So if the Gods were visiting the Gandhi Mueseum, what would you do to assure maximum security? Chop off all the ripe coconuts in the surrounding coconut trees lest they cause any permanent damage to his head. Guess the Muesem folks dont want to take any chances. But keeping in mind the moolah spent on his security, the city hawkers at the Gateway of India are crying out loudly - " Atithi tum kab jaoge ?!! "

The news channels are having a field day squeezing in Obama news amidst the Adarsh housing society and the rest of the cricketing news ( which they squeezed into a special 10 min section called 'Other news' ).
Btw, did you know that a debutant, Rajashtan's Deepak Chahar scooped up 8 wickets demolishing Hyd for a record low score of 21 in Ranji trophy's history. Naah, you probably know what Obama is doing right now, than dwell upon an 18 yr old's accomplishments.

So Obama landed in Mumbai , to soothe our 26/11 wounds. It just hit me this morn, while i was listening to the Amreeki president's consoling words, that he messed up the dates... See it for yourself.

By striking the places where our countries and people come together, those who perpetrated these horrific attacks hoped to drive us apart.  But just as Indian citizens lost their lives on 9/11, American citizens lost their lives here on 26/11 -- along with the citizens of many nations.  And just as our people prayed together at candlelight vigils, our governments have worked closer than ever, sharing intelligence, preventing more attacks, and demanding that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

I know we write our dates differently, but didn't it occur to the guy who wrote down his speech to do something about it. < Sigh >

So while Obama is busy giving speeches and Michelle goes about hopscotching, our friendly neighbours have taken out their binoc's and are busy keeping an eye on every promise that Obama is making. The Indian media is worrying sick about protocols regarding who should greet Obama first and who shouldnt. And the other section of media who earn their livelihoods by using their 'Funny bone' s, are also using this entire event as fodder for their shows.
 Well, Obama comes, Obama goes, life moves on..... :D


quirkygirl said…
Good one!
Another joke yesterday on TV was that amidst all the stringent security measures, finally, the person who might just get to see Obama would be Michelle Obama! :P
But I liked the fact that he interacted with students at Xavier's today and fielded questions from them.
anusha said…
I believe that was on 'The week that wasnt'. Amazing show. And to think that Cyrus Broacha hates his work, what would mere mortals like us do :P
quirkygirl said…
Yepp. It was on Cyrus's show!
And yes, normal 9 to 5 (and sometimes late nights) people like us should find chullu bhar paani only if he says he hates his work! :P
anusha said…


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