Happy Birthday 'Geet'

Hello Geet,

I dunno who you are. Thanks to Vodafone, who im guessing are running out of numbers for new connections, i was given your old mobile number. How stingy, i know !!!
But since we both have to deal with this, i can assure you that i am doing everything from my end of your old number. I have sincerely received calls meant for you, patiently explaining to the caller that i am not Geet , and yes they have the right number but the wrong person. I must say Geet, you did not do your part of the job well enough. Its your duty to let your near and dear know about the change in your contact details. I understand that this does not include Just Dial, Employment agencies ( Might i mention here that they were very keen on finding me a new job. I was tempted, but refrained... )
I have been dealing with a couple of old buddies and relatives of yours as well. I remember the SMS sent to let you know the birth of a baby ( Your friend mustve had a kid, or you became an Aunt !! )
But today, i'm sorry that i cannot convey the Birthday wishes that i received on your old number. So this is the only way i could let you know,


P. S : Ab toh mera peecha chod do !!!!!


Vishwas Krishna said…
Chennag ide. Same thing happened with our free bsnl connection which was allotted by them as part of some offer. We used to get lot of calls asking for Gayathri (wrong number, of course) and funniest part is we could not, very easily, make out that it was a wrong number because it's my mother's name too!
quirkygirl said…
Must admire your patience with the people calling in asking for Geet!
Did Vodafone not tell you while providing the connection that it is a recycled number? I remember them telling me that when i went in for my postpaid connection. That the 99 and 98 series would mostly be recycled. I doubt if even a complaint to them would help your cause!!
anusha said…
@ Vishwas

If it was a Geeta, then we'd have trouble at home too !! :D

@ Quirkygirl

They didnt tell me, and my number isnt even from the 99/98 series. Sigh!!!
Even today i got a msg that said, 'Happy birthday Geet'-From Bhai, Bhabi and Anna !! :P
irfanuddin said…
hehehe... somrtimes its very irritating....isn't it...???
but u did ur part very nicely....it requires a lot of patience...wish i could hav dat much.....:-)

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Iceman said…
Lets hope Geet doesnt Get married soon.
anusha said…
@ Iceman

Now that you mention it, I'm sure her marital status would complicate things...

A week after this post, i got a phone call, where a guy initially asked for Geet ( addressing me as 'Aunty' all the time... Hmmphhh ). When i hung up saying, 'Yahan koi Geet nahin hai', he called back but made some other girl ask for Geet this time, and i had to explain the whole scenario to them...

I wonder, was he her Ex-bf ???
Vikas Chandra said…

try being geet and enjoy.
U r really in a funny situation.

I hope Geet did not have too many affairs!

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