When i grow up, i wanna be a little girl....

Just read an article in today's Hindu, which talked about how adults are intrigued by animated sitcoms. I know these are a class apart from your normal Tom and Jerry shows, but juvenile comedy, or slapstick drollery - i love watching them ! On most days, i leave late to office because of the Simpsons which is on at 10. Munching an apple watching The Simpsons, is one of the most gratifying activities i can ever think of. Takeshi's Castle is possibly one of the very few non-animated shows on TV which are a hit with audiences of all age-groups. As much as dad detests watching Mr.Bean's antics, the look of bewilderment on his face speaks out loud about the doubts he has of my fav shows. There have been times when my folks had to drag me away from homes we visited while i was glued to the TV watching some animated show along with the other munchkins. Was reminded today of this silly show called 'Brum', about a little car-hero, which saves the day. I know its sounds zany, but its feels good to go cuckoo once in a while.
A senior manager at office once confessed over lunch, how he snatched the remote from his kids, shoved them away and locked himself up to watch Tom and Jerry. I find it funny, to imagine this guy, who sends shivers down many a spine, indulging in an hour of Tom and Jerry. Makes me wanna ask him, " You too ???? " :P

P. S : Post-title credits to the poster in my pal's place :)

P.P.S : My "100th" post. Cheers !!! :D


Maitreya J A said…
Congratulations on your 100 posts and thanks for following me on blogger, I now have 4 stalkers! :-)

Have a look at this http://everythingoverthemoon.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-came-across-this-and-thought-i-would.html

And Let me say Hi!
Iceman said…
Curious case of Anusha Mahendrakar
anusha said…
@ Maitreya

Thanks. :-) Did the math on a hunch, and 100th one it is :-D

@ Iceman

Does this mean i will be growing shorter with every passing year ?
Kavya said…
I just love to watch Tom and Jerry, Chota Bheem, Mr Bean, Takeshi's castle and the list goes on. :D
I used to love Baby Looney toons. used to watch everyday. It used to come twice a day and I never used to miss that. Sadly it's not coming on TV now. My Cartoon craze started with Disney Hour which used to come on Zee/Sony. They used to show Duck tales, Tale spin, chip n dale, all mickey and donald series. I soo much miss those days cause these aren't coming on tv now!!!! :(

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