An idle mind, is the devil's workshop.

There's something about lethargy. It creeps in and infects like a disease. The epidemic starts off at your feet and hands. You refuse to use them. You're putting off getting that glass of water that your throat is craving for. It gropes about and takes control of the rest of your body.
Sometimes, as I sit idly on the sofa, I wonder if my guts have stopped digesting that dosa i gulped down an hour ago. You've seen that movie thrice, exclaims your dad, as he heads out to office. Yet, you lie there, inert, immobile, watching it all over again. A stray cat slips past the hall, using it like a bypass between the house to your left and the house to your right. The two of you carry on with your lives, pretending that the only live thing in the hall is the TV. You cant blame us, its the only one making any noises! The movie is interrupted by a commercial break. You feign interest in shampoos and aerated drinks, but the promotional campaign for the anti-aging cream that looks like an insurance ad in disguise ticks you off. You muster all your strength, pick up that remote, and switch channels. You have 'moved on', like the other ad was encouraging you to.
The music channel interests you for a while, but then you realise that these are actors, pretending to jump,sing and dance. They probably have mundane schedules, and are nothing like their on-screen selves. By this time, you've tuned back into that flick. This process repeats until the movie ends. You havent moved a muscle, and idleness seems like a personal masseur. It feels like therapy-your mind is calm and peaceful. Devoid of mental activity, you feel like your mind has been embalmed. This is when your mind is itching for some exercise. You chide yourself for indulging in a stupid activity and you head out to reform yourself. You look around, and you settle for a book, or you dig deep into the depths of the hard disk of your PC for some productive activity. An hour later, you move on to do something else.

Being engrossed, is just a cousin of lethargy. 


quirkygirl said…
My favorite weekend activity- changing channels :) Or staring at the TV. Nothing beats the inertia. I remember, once i was out and asked a friend, what the score was. Friend says, sitting on the couch, too lazy to move or change channels. Just wanna keep lying here. Please don't disturb. Can't message.
Kavya said…
I agree. Sometimes I don't feel like washing my hands after lunch/dinner. I sit there frozen in my seat thinking why cant the sink come to me so that I can wash hands :D.
anusha said…
@ Q.G

Yes, 2 days are insufficient for the inertia ! :D

@ Kavs

Have you tried muttering, " Accio Sink ! " ? ;)
Raghu said…
Nice Article.

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