Cat fight.

The two of them are sitting peacefully. To a passerby, they seem to be at peace with the world. The fat one is engrossed in self-grooming, while the other one, who has a slender body, is trying to catch a nap.

And then, an unexpected fold of events unfolds before your eyes.

Fat one starts off a threatening conversation :

" What are you looking at ? "

The slimmer one looks right and left, and realises that there was no one else to answer that question.

" You talking to me ? "

"Yes, you. No one for miles here, who'd stare at me like that "

" Why ? Whats worth looking at? Just a fat scarred face ! "

" How dare you call me ugly ? !! Take that, you scounderel "

" Oh, you got claws eh ? Guess what, i have talons instead ! "

By now, the fight's gotten pretty intense. They are clawing and gnawing at each other. Someone raises their voice to knock some sense into them , but they pay no heed to it. One of the uncles is sweating, and is fanning himself with a newspaper. Another uncle pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures. A kid asks his dad curious questions about the sounds that are coming from the roof. The dad forbids the kid from going out. People shut their windows, and some curse them. Yet they keep tearing at each other with passion. After some heated exchanges, they settle down for sometime. The neighbourhood has already started complaining. They take a break, with some heated arguements.

" Ah, scared are you ? "

" In your dreams "

A few hours later, they resume their fight in the garden. At night, they pick the backyard of a house. The owners hardly catch a wink that night. No one knows how the fight started, and no one knows how this will end. Since last evening, we have unintentionally been playing hosts to 2 of the most notorious cats in the lane.We have tried throwing water at them, and yet they dont want to halt. This post was loosely based on the assumption that i understand cat-language. Sorry if you thought this was about something else ;)


CRD said…
OMG....what next? A dog fight??

anusha said…
I dont think a dog-fight would evoke as much interest as a cat-fight. Besides, dogs are more straightforward with their fights. They conclude it in less than an hour, and seldom stretch it over 2 days.

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