My life as seen through the Olympics.

I was in Standard 4 during the Atlanta Olympics. The Olympics were in their centenary year, and i was awed with the knowledge that something could be that old. Mum explained to me that these games happened once in 4 yrs, and she tried in vain to remind me of the last games. It was 1992, and was held at Barcelona. Mum exclaimed proudly how as a 5 year old, i could spell BARCELONA. My lilliputian brain tried to browse through the few shelves of memories it stored, but could not find this proud achievement when i had spelled out Barcelona. I feared that I was a genius, but was stupid enough to not remember moments of my personal glory.

The year was 2k, and the Sydney Olympics was a grand spectacle. The Aussies impressed audiences worldwide with  technical advancements to make this Olympics a modern affair. The Olympic flame swam along the Great Barrier Reef and survived underwater. And the flame lighting ceremony saw the huge cauldron emerge from water, as Cathay Freeman lit it.

The budding teenager in me found the 3 mascots - Syd the platypus, Millie the echidna and Olly the kookaburra to be cute, and made a painting of the three. Its something that adorned the walls of my room for a good 8 yrs.

And then the story went back to where it all started. The Olympics came home to Athens and i marveled at the architectural remains of Ancient Greece. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore shot his way to an Olympic Silver and the country celebrated. At the peak of our adolescence, my closest pal was smitten by this mustached hero. My personal favourite was when Isinbayeva vaulted her way to Olympic gold.

We hoped with our hearts that Anju Bobby George would go where PT Usha couldnt. But, even her personal best proved to be 6th best in the world. Disheartened, i was pleased that atleast India had a medal at the end of the games.

When the Olympics traveled closer to home, we could only gape with our mouths wide open at the architectural wonder that the Beijing Olympics showed off to the rest of the world. The pace at which China was gearing up for the games, the IOC had to ask them to slow down.

Brushing off protests asking for a 'Free Tibet' , Beijing welcomed the world to the games on 8.8.8. A few days later, India had won a gold. You know, a real Olympic gold medal. And the country celebrated this like never before. Some days later, on 20.08.2008 [ Note how unique the date is ] - India added 2 more medals to its kitty. And i got a job on the same day. I was elated ! On that particular day, i was in a very jubilant mood.

Every Olympics, it seems like my life is in a different phase. Its just easier to remember what happened to oneself at the time of the Olympics. Like there's more information intertwined with this mammoth event, and that just etches the memories deeper into the mind. This July, i'll be plunging myself into the Olympics again. Newspapers, Internet scores, Wins and losses , and stories to inspire. And all these tales , laced along with the mundanity of casual routine will once again define this Olympics!

" Citius, Altius, Fortius .........!!!! " 


Anonymous said…
I remember watching Olympics too when I was little esp. athletics as my Dad loved watching them and its one of those sports that doesn't get coverage at other times of the year.

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