Blown away by Barfi

Its not often that a movie silently nudges its way into public eye, the trailer coming out less than a month before its release on the big screen. No loud entrance, no hoardings,no tie ups with fancy brands that distribute movie memorabilia. Yet, i was curious to know if this movie could really deliver what the trailer promised. When i read the brief plot description on Wiki, i gathered that it was the story of a deaf and dumb guy and a autistic girl. That scene in the trailer, with Ranbir offering his heart to Ileana, and she playfully declines his proposal and walks away giggling with her pal - it struck all the right chords. And that closing part where he breaks wind in his father's presence did everything that a cherry does in a cake, for the trailer. The trailer was like a warm broth of simmering soup that promises to be the harbinger to that sumptuous meal. And i could barely wait to dig in.

I cant remember when was the last time i looked forward to a silent movie with so much anticipation. I heard about 'The Artist' only after it won the Oscar. Obviously i was not around when 'Pushpak' came out. But 'Barfi' has turned out to be that worthy successor to 'Pushpak'. The bicycle makes a comeback, as it assists the protagonist while romancing the lady. All the hoots and the loud whistles showed that it wasnt just Ranbir Kapoor who was transfixed when he saw Ileana for the first time in the movie. And all this, while she sat in a train. The last time a hero wooed a lady in a train onscreen was when he was in a jeep, and sang one of the sweetest songs ever in the history of Hindi cinema. I was impressed with how the director involved the different elements while the story unfolded.... The cow/buffalo in the tea gardens, the clock tower, the pinky hold , the crystal ball and all those other little details that creates the right mood as the plot develops. And need i even tell about the acting prowess of the cast ? Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra breathed life to the characters they portrayed. Illeana looked gorgeous throughout the movie, whether she was wearing sarees or stilettos. And for comic relief, you have Saurabh Shukla. He jogs through the winding alleys of Darjeeling, stuck in an unending chase, grudging the protagonist for his slimming waistline and at the receiving end of all the antics. When you throw in all these wonderful components, you end up with a brilliant blend of emotions - it makes you smile every time Illeana blushes, weep as Ranbir falls short of gestures to convey his feelings, ache as Priyanka Chopra twitches when in trouble and roar out laughing as Saurabh Shukla scuttles around panting for breath. While the yarn is being spun, switching back and forth between the past and the present, weaving its way through, evening out the knots, the end product is outstanding and will leave you flabbergasted. As a whole, 'Barfi' will provide all the entertainment that one can get in two and a half hours. 


vikas mk said…
Ranbeer kapoor has redeemed himself after those horrible docomo 'stand up comedy'
Anonymous said…
Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !

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