Run Anush, Run !!

When you work in the IT field, and have garnered enough experience, you realise how much 'sitting' you do. Whether its the work, or the drive to work or the relaxing after work - you sit. Things get so muddled up that i once caught myself groping for a seat belt in my office chair. It was somehow easier to stay active when i was back in college. I didn't have to cook, lesser chores that needed tending. Life had gotten hectic, and i got my dose of the daily news during those precious pockewhen i take a break at work. On one such sleepy afternoon, i scanned the news hoping there's something brighter than corrupt politicians and inundating garbage dumps to light up my day. And then i saw him, Milind Soman !! I indulged myself for a few moments before reading the fine print below his picture. It spoke of Bangalore's Annual Midnight marathon. Promoting it were Milind Soman and some other chick. They'd roped in Milind Soman this year, and i deduced that he would definitely be running at the event.
All those adolescent years i spent swooning over Milind Soman, when i first saw him on Doordarshan's 'Captain Vyom', answering the question 'Milind who?' when i wrote his name as my crush in all the Slam books, candidly confessing to my future husband that the teenager's crush hadn't worn off a bit, putting Milind Soman in my list, drooling over this sinewy Greek God and his disarming smile, wishing he was the cake at my bachelorette party - all of this just came flooding back and whacked me in the face. It took me a minute, perhaps more, but my brain just asked me to do one thing - YOU MUST RUN !! Frankly, this is the best chance i've had to come face to face with my puppy love. If i let this go, i never know when life will give me a fish again. There's no telling how many miles one has to run while chasing a dream. But to chase this dream, 10 kilometers is all it will take me. 


Iceman said…
There is a list?

You have Facebooked, tweeted and blogged about the marathon.

Next post --> The list.

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