Graveyard of Umbrellas


If i were an umbrella, i'd be trembling at the mention of IIM Indore. I'd feel a shiver run down my spine when i imagine how rough the winds get here. Oh, and the endless rains ! Days and nights of torrential showers, grey skies, thunder and lightning, and on good rainy days - just a light drizzle. One would be foolish to imagine surviving here without an umbrella here. That, and the hawaii chappals ! Umbrellas are invaluable here and they automatically follow the economic concept of elevated prices when the demand is high. People here are willing to part with an arm and a leg just to have one of those umbrellas. That also puts them on top of the list of stolen goods. One need not be a crook to steal an umbrella here. Surrounded by a sea of umbrellas outside the mess or the classroom, i wonder how the thief pics his next loot. Black ones are the safest,because one can hardly claim it as theirs even if spotted. Being a diehard romantic, our thief is probably in the mood for some 'Pyaar hua ikraar hua...' later in the night. The bright colored and polka dotted ones are an attractive snatch too, but these stay etched in the owner's memory. It would pose a serious risk of getting caught red-handed ( or whatever color the umbrella is ). Going by the number of  'Lost my umbrella' mails we get everyday, i wonder if there's a serial umbrella-lifter in our midst. Or perhaps a kleptomaniac who specializes in used-umbrellas ? I'm surprised that no one's setup a detective agency yet, promising to unite you with your long-lost umbrella. A guy once confessed to have lost 6 of them in his first year, and decided to stop investing in umbrellas. Eventually, each one of us would have lost one or broken a few as we tried to brave the monsoon winds. United by this grief,we're all under one umbrella !


Iceman said…
The person has been watching a lot of HIMYM. Doesn't want to take chances by being colour specific.
anusha m said…
Ayyo, why will anyone steal the yellow umbrella ? They will go behind the girl who owns the yellow umbrella.

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