Starting from scratch

You can't remember the last time you were sitting in a room full of strangers. The impending truth of living without your pals for two whole years. You are even scared to look around the room, terrified that someone will be able to spot the fear in your eyes. You reassure yourself with memories. When you walked into your first class at the start of your graduation studies, and found your school friend sitting forlorn. When you discovered another crazy soul, willing to accompany you on whimsical walks in the middle of the night, living just a stone's throw away from your place. Someone who loved animated movies and long conversations. No matter what stupid mistakes you make, they will always be there for you, day and night, through tears of joy and sorrow. That its okay to tell them your secrets, knowing its safe with them. You may wear the armor and hold the shield, winning like its a habit. But they knew it when you curled up in grief or jumped with joy. You can sit and watch millions of sunsets and sunrises, trek to the mountains or just walks beside the lakes. Go shopping through colorful streets, gulping down golgappas and bargaining away for the best deals. Cook, clean, cry, console. Broken hearts, bad office days, bitter tales. Separated by time-zones, yet you skype to show the view outside your window. Love of letters, the hand-written ones. Sometimes addressed across miles or just a few blocks away. Bonds built over a lifetime, and here you are, back to square one. Full of idiosyncrasies. Vulnerable and terrified. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. The journey of a thousand smiles, begins with a warm 'Hi'. 


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