Why Cycling will make you a Great Marketing manager!

This article was originally written for Rezonant Designs where i interned from April 2014 to May 2015. The internship helped me look at cycling from a different perspective, and i did what i thought was best - write about it ! You can browse through the original article here.

As I cycled to work, I thought about all the attributes that make a cyclist unique. While these thoughts trailed, I sat at my desk and started listing down the qualities that are crucial to make one a successful marketing manager. The similarities between the two were uncanny, and that's when I came about my theory - Cyclists make excellent Marketing managers! 

Hear me out, while I let you in on my ideas in support of this theory...


Everytime I want to go from Point A to Point B, there's a lot of thinking involved. How is the weather? Is there a lot of traffic in this time of the day? Are the roads too bad? Is my puncture kit ready for the go? Do I have enough water for the ride? Have I travelled on this road before? If not, do I know the route to my destination? Are there any shortcuts? How much time will I need?
I need to view my journey from multiple perspectives to ensure that I have a safe ride. Likewise, in the world of marketing, when goals are being set - many questions need to be asked. All the scenarios need to be taken into consideration, before embarking on the journey of achieving your targets. A cyclist is trained to think strategically about every single assignment, and would fit effortlessly into the role of a marketing manager


I like standing out in a crowd, and I enjoy doing so by riding my bicycle. I don't want to honk in a car struck in traffic, or worry about getting a seat in overcrowded buses and certainly don't want to get into haggling arguments with Bangalore autowallahs. I'm comfortable being different, and like coping with the fact that cycling is not ordinary. While defining your products, managers are often faced with the similar challenge of differentiating their brand from other run-of-the-mill competitors. By knowing the importance of being unique, I understand why it is vital that products have their distinctive identities.


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but its what drives a cyclist. While traveling around the city, there are many alleys and roadways to explore. I have come across many eateries and shops which remain hidden in the bylanes of a city, secretly selling the best stuff. I have also discovered quaint parks lined with trees which are far away from the humdrum of the city. When it comes to Brands, managers must not hesitate to experiment and go against the crowd to succeed. Cyclists are not afraid to go off the beaten track, in pursuit of new avenues for the brand, making them tailor-fit for the role of Marketing managers.


I stand for the brand of 'Green cities' and 'Less traffic, Lesser pollution'. I'm a fervent advocate of cycling, and I practice what I preach by cycling to work. By riding my bicycle to office wearing my bright red helmet, I make heads turn and take notice of what I stand for. To be a marketing manager, I understand the importance of being a brand champion and know what it takes to be one. I believe that being a cyclist will help in a seamless transition from being a personal brand to a company's brand champion.


Everytime I bump into a fellow cyclist, I smile! As the breed of city cyclists increase, I enjoy talking about the benefits of cycling with any stranger, with the intention of encouraging them to try out this mode of transport. Every cyclist stands for a vision of a future where the city roads are not crammed with honking automaniacs, but with cyclists zipping past in neon colors. By being optimistic, they prove that they're worthy of seeing the big-picture and planning ahead - qualities that are quintessential in a marketing manager.

I have made my point - If you’re aspiring to become a Marketer, then you might want to give Cycling a second chance. Cycling will groom you to slip into the shoes of a Marketer with ease, and it will give you that much-needed headstart.


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