Tropic Thunder

Phone conversations can also lead to deja vu. This evening, we just realised that Sirius Black and Inspector Gordon are played by the same guy. Reminded us of another incident, which i'd like to describe

The husband was watching Tropic Thunder, and i was wondering how come i don't remember this movie despite the number of superstars in it. 

Him : So who all can you recognize here?
Her : Obviously Ben Stiller. There's Jack Black too, although he doesn't have his cute curls..
Him : Who else?
Her : I think i also saw Matthew McConaughey
Him : Will give you that. Who's the black chap?
Her : Oh, i know, i know... that guy who voiced Donkey in Shrek
Him : Chris Rock? 
Her : Yeaaahhh. That's right
Him : N.O!
Her : Is is that Dr.DoLittle guy? 
Him : Not him
Her : Can't be Morgan Freeman?
Him : I know he's in a LOT of movies, but nopes
Her : Who is it? Tell me, tell me!
Him : Will not. Trust me, when you guess it - you're gonna love it
Her : [Stares at the screen for a full minute]
Him : [Smiles like those who know how to keep a secret]
Her : He's not black, is he?
Him : Not answering that
Her : So, he ISN'T black
Him : Umm...hmmmm
Her : [Goes out of the hall into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Hears the dialogue going on in the hall, in the movie. Shreiks!] Oh My Gawwwdddd! [Laughing uncontrollably] That voice! I couldn't recognize! Is that seriously HIM?!! 
Him : [Cats out of the bag. Laughing too] YESSSS !!

And that my dear friends, is why everytime i even hear the word 'Tropic Thunder', it makes me giggle! 


Iceman said…
I didn't have trouble with the black guy, but I did a double take with the fat guy, the first few seconds. You know the fat guy who dances in the end?
anusha m said…
I didn't know about this one! I did look it up, and woah!

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