Pub ke peechay kya hai?

Its the dream of every 20 something from the metros to live behind a pub. And I've been living that dream for a few months now. One would thing that there's nothing to complain about, if you were in my shoes. But walk a mile in my shoes, and you'll know where it bites....

One would argue that the music must be good. But there's only so much music that's pub-worthy. I cannot argue with their choice of Green Day or Maroon 5, but when you hear it night after night - I can't help being petulant, stressed yet unable to sleep. I also found out that all pubs, big and small, are increasingly fond of Cranberries 'Zombie'.

It doesn't matter whether you own a car or an elephant, you won't find parking space anyhow after 7. There have been days when I finally find the perfect parking spot, and avoid any situations which involve moving out the car.

There are many perks which I cannot complain about. I've never once been turned down by a auto/cab driver, because he's sure to get a ride within seconds of me stepping out.
I also know exactly when someone scores a boundary, as its usually accompanied by hooting and cheering from the party crowd. Of course, I can't really tell which side scored, without visuals :P

Its New Year's eve, and the music has already started at 6pm. I suppose there are downsides to wanting to stay in the best area of the city. The grass may be greener on the other side, but it sure isn't greener behind a pub!  


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