Double guitar guy kinda day

I accidentally ended up watching 'Mad Max - Fury road' recently. At multiple times during the movie, I turned to Vikas and exclaimed - 'What a weird movie', and he would only nod or laugh in agreement. The oddest guy in the movie was the guy with the double stemmed guitar with a flamethrower (conveniently). He's out in the middle of an intense car chase, and he's dangling there playing music. He was my indicator for 'weirdness alert' in the movie.
So every time I'm having an insanely busy day at work, with people chasing each other for deadlines and umpteen meetings and loads of emails with hardly anytime to eat - I get a feeling that this double guitar guy is gonna appear out of thin-air and start playing crazy car-chase kinda music.
So yeah, I have a new kind of busy day- A "Double guitar guy" kinda day at work !!


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