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Working women - Inspiration from Hollywood

We're living in an era where doors are ajar for women in the corporate world, but we still have to go that extra mile to push through. I have at many times felt the need for a guiding light or a manual to navigate through situations, but never always found help at work. The fictional world is a good place to find inspiration and movies are one of the many ways people channel their experiences for others to look up to. As you start your career as a doe-eyed deer, your ambitions are starch-ironed and no one can ask you to gaze lower. But in my experience, this is always followed by eating humble pie. 'Devil wears Prada' brings us into the world of Andy Sachs, who believes that her first job in a fashion magazine is just a stepping stone for a serious career in journalism. This is how both sexes view their first jobs eh? As a prelude to something more magnificent. Bring in Miranda Priestly and her employees who are also part of the fashion police, and you have two worl

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