Working women - Inspiration from Hollywood

We're living in an era where doors are ajar for women in the corporate world, but we still have to go that extra mile to push through. I have at many times felt the need for a guiding light or a manual to navigate through situations, but never always found help at work. The fictional world is a good place to find inspiration and movies are one of the many ways people channel their experiences for others to look up to.

As you start your career as a doe-eyed deer, your ambitions are starch-ironed and no one can ask you to gaze lower. But in my experience, this is always followed by eating humble pie. 'Devil wears Prada' brings us into the world of Andy Sachs, who believes that her first job in a fashion magazine is just a stepping stone for a serious career in journalism. This is how both sexes view their first jobs eh? As a prelude to something more magnificent. Bring in Miranda Priestly and her employees who are also part of the fashion police, and you have two worlds that are miles apart. The movie takes the protagonist through the phases of anguish, exasperation, determination to excel, ambition, hard-work before it arrives at decision making. Once you've blocked out the dresses and make-up, there are pearls of wisdom for those who seek for it!

In an era when maternity leaves extend from 6 to 9 months and there's a push to provide special leaves to women for the difficult times of a month, this one is a gentle reminder on how far we've come. And also to not take things for granted. 'Hidden figures' takes us back half a decade and puts us bang in the middle of one of the most significant events in the history of mankind - NASA trying to put a man into outer space. Even I didn't know about the role of these women in John Glenn's time in space. As the movie tells us the behind-the-scenes story of 3 women computers, it also brings to our focus issues faced by these women. I feel humbled to know how much harder these women worked and have contributed to luxuries that we enjoy in our jobs. The women of this movie have gumption, and it does nothing less than inspire us.

Imagine a successful female in a law-firm in your mind's eye. A dark blazer, picture perfect hair and a briefcase in hand - right? Erin Brokovich shows us how wrong that is. A single mother raising her children picks up needles in a haystack to put together a case against a multinational company. Beneath the facade of a former beauty queen who knows how to curse, is a passionate individual who believes in justice. Being able to do a job well has little to do with qualifications than with perseverance, and no other movie could've driven this message home. It's been 17 years since I first saw this movie, and it still inspires me every single time.

I hope you do watch these movies and take-away something to inspire and motivate you through the day and the rest of your careers!


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