Conversation of X and Y

The following post is partly fictional.Which part-that is for you to figure out.....

X and Y are traveling in a bus from a small village to a big town.There are many smaller blink-and-you miss-it villages in between,the kind that most people traveling between the small village and big town tend to overlook.X is on summer vacation and Y is a person much older to X.X initially hesitates to strike a conversation but this is how it goes.......
Y:You're on summer vacation?
X:Yes,visiting my native(big town).And you?
Y:Same-only thing is very few people are aware of its existence.
X:Oh,Ok-So you visiting your parents there?
Y:No,actually I'm visiting my childhood friend.I used to play with her a lot,figured out that i fell in love with her.So going to ask her to marry me.
X:Sounds like some movie story!!!
Y:Oh,you like movies?Whose your favorite actor?
X:Shahrukh Khan....
Y:Oh him-he hardly has any body to show off....I like Salman Khan better....
X:But he aint as good an actor as Shahrukh Khan.When you're an actor,acting should be the top priority.A well maintained body is how you gauge models not actors. seem to be very good at things.You good at studies too?
X:Yeah...quite good only.
Y:Which is the subject that you hate most?
X:Kannada...(gets a weird look from Y) Thats cause you gotta write lengthy answers in it....It doesnt make sense actually.
Y:Oh,thats a weird reason...then I hope you dont have to study Kannada for any longer than you should be doing it.
X:Whats your name?
X:Oh,thats a nice name.Whats your mother tongue?
Y:I speak Urdu.
X:Thats funny.Sandeep sounds more like a Hindu name.
Y:Yeah I know,but my friends used to call me that when i was a kid.I liked it,and introduce myself with that name only.
X:Oh,thats an interesting story.
Y:Yeah....I should be getting off now,my village is almost here.
X:Ok,good luck with the girl.
Y:Thank You-and you with Kannada.

There you go-I know its different,and an unexplainable way.
All characters in this post are partially fictional, and any relation to those dead or living are purely by coincidence.


kavya said…
hmmmm..... Interesting! :P

which part is not fictional anush!? I was only not able to figure out!!!!
anusha said…
you will be jobless for the next 5 should be thanking me that I'm giving you something to do..... :P
rubbiya said…
hmm..i know dats non-fiction n i know who x and y are!!!
anusha said…
how on earth would you know who x and y are?
rubbiya said…
i know who they r...u want me to disclose?
anusha said…
oh yeah rubs....please do the honours!!!
Iceman said…
The fictional part is that someone ever praised Shah Rukh Khan!
anusha said…

did i forget to mention that this story happened 10 yrs ago....that explains the bit abt SRK being praised....
ok ok anus disclose who X & Y are
anusha said…
X and Y could be real or just a figment of my imagination.....keep guessing.. ;)

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