'Gray'T clouds

How does gray look like?A mixture of black and white....But what kind of gray did God create? Many shades of course....but one of the most richest hues is the gray of the rain clouds....deep,like its hiding some secrets within.The sight of such clouds must indeed be an indication of Gods blessing for farmers.But for travelers like me,its a delight in its own way.Some may think its the manifestation of Gods wrath-taking the form of lightning and thunder.But when you see these gigantic masses,made up of plain vapor,welcoming you on your sojourn,slyly and sarcastically.....you cant help but surrender yourself to be engulfed by the sorcery of the Rain Gods.As long as good roads exist,you wouldn't blink to indulge in a shower of pure bliss.Never mind the mode of transport you are using-even if you are walking with an umbrella in hand,the pleasure experienced to be surrounded by countless raindrops is beyond description.


rubbiya said…
Rain Rain Rain,
Up above from the skies
u come,
As drops of joy
As drops of sorrow
As a shower of blessing from the heavens.
Iceman said…
Looks like somebody hasn't had a shower for a looooong time! :P

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