The Oscars 09

With the nominations out today,and with a very Indian movie being one of the front runners this time,there will be more Indian eyes glued to TV sets on the 22nd of February.'Slumdog Millionaire',based on a book by Vikas Swarup-Q&A,has created all the necessary pre-Oscar hype.I heard someone say that Big B said that the movie wouldn't have gone this far,if it ever were to be directed by an Indian director.I read a column by Jon Stock in The Week a few days ago,in which he mentioned about how a lady had reacted to his review to the book Q&A,saying he was a better columnist than reviewer.When Mr Stock happened to watch the movie,he felt smug about his review.
For more on the article,read here.
Leading the nominations is the movie,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.This again,based on a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald.A similar Indian adaption that i remember distinctly was a tele-series aired on Doordarshan about 15-16yrs ago.Here Mr.Button had the Desi alias-Potli Baba.The other category that generated an equal interest in me was the nominations for Music(Song).Rehman got 2 out of 3 nominations-one for 'Jai Ho' and the other for 'O saya'.That gives him a 0.667 probability of winning and Oscar.If he happened to win it,i hope he gets it for the latter song-the music is scintillating along with a fervid verse rendered by Maya Arulpragasam.Meryl Streep gets yet another nomination for 'Doubt',alongside Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie.Heath Ledger gets his much anticipated nomination for playing The Joker.One can only wait to find out.Feb 22nd is eagerly awaited!!


Bharath said…
here is my list ..

Best picture - Slumdog Millionaire
Best Director - Danny Boyle for SDM
Best actor - Brad pitt (30% chances) or Mickey Rourke(70%) . Although Sean Penn has done a challenging role in "Milk" , chances of getting OScar is less coz he already has one in his basket (but anything can happen :P )
Best Actress - Meryl Streep (70%- coz this may be her last movie in leading role ),Kate Winslet( 40 %)
Best Supporting actor - HEATH LEDGER ( I can bet all my money on Heath !!!!!! btw ,I dont even have a penny in my pocket :D )
This time A.R.Rahman will lift the statue for "Jai Ho" song ( I liked O saya but i dono why "Jai ho" won Golden Globe " .....
Finally i wud like to say - "It doesnt matter who gets oscar , i will continue with my classic movies :P"
anusha said…

In the case of best actress,ur % of probability exceeds 100%.i guess u meant meryl streep-70 and kate winslet-30.
And i want o-saya to be judged as the best song,cause jai ho's presence in the movie is mainly as a commercial song.It does the same as what remix versions of original sound tracks do-assist as background score while the credits are displayed.
rubs said…
@anush n batta

y don u both start a review website n giv imdb a run for money!!

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