When in Rome.......be like a Roman?

An Aunt of mine was sharing an anecdote that involved one of her many overseas excursions.The incident in question is supposed to have occurred in Rome.She was merely enjoying her time in one of the ancient cities of the world.One of the local ladies approached her,clad in a T-shirt and a skirt.This was considered as minimal,by the standards of my saree clad Aunt.
Roman Lady : What is it that you are wearing?
Aunt : Its called a Saree.Its the traditional attire of India.
Roman Lady : How much cloth has been used in it?
Aunt : The saree is 5 mts.
Blouse would be 1 mt.
(Raising her saree slightly) The petticoat requires about 2.5 mts.
So it approximately requires about 8-9 mts of cloth.

The Roman Lady stared for a few seconds.Then she said-

Such a huge waste of cloth!!!!


vikas mk said…
Apart from the fact that Sarees are a traditional wear of Indian women and all that stuff, Ya , they'r pretty much waste of cloth!. Think about it, one saree could probably dress 4 or 5 Roman women quite decently !:D
anusha said…
from a Roman's point of view-i'd agree with you.
rubs said…
besides being a waste of cloth...ta trauma it renders ta wearer is immense yet pleasurable!!
Arjun said…
Saree undoubtedly consumes a lot of cloth compared to the other decent-looking indian counterparts, so some may call it unnecessary, waste, stupidity, keep the comfort factor and ones own preference aside.
But a man appreciates the effort put in wearing the attires, be it his wife trying to get into a chudidar (definitely with appear-modernish-intentions) for a party, or his daughter getting dressed in a saree(purely majestic,n your turn someday) for the ethnic day at her college.
"Foreign women" dont often get to spot a saree clad woman in rome, so she was probably trying to leave a comment on the dress. Wonder if it gave an impression of 'rich enough to waste', but if it was a contest to grab attention, the saree did beat the skirt, in rome. :D
yash said…
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