We were all duly instructed by our mums to have a head bath after the solar eclipse.So on the morning of 22nd,there was a long line of buckets in front of the bathroom.When finally i did make it out after having a bath,there was nobody left to share the remote with.After many days,I would have my quota of the TV time,uninterrupted by crappy saas-bahu serials.The news channels were filled with eclipse reports,and of the stampede in Varanasi.While I was absorbing as much news I could,the landlady walked in and kept staring at the eclipse shots.Then she muttered something about it in telugu,and I could only catch the word sarpa. I just could not help but react to that-She actually was one of those few people who believed that the Sun was swallowed up by a giant snake,and that was her explanation for the scientific phenomenon.I just burst out laughing,and her son tried his best to correct her.He started off with a full fledged 'moon comes between the Sun and the Earth' thingy.She was even more amused to learn that she had got it all wrong,and kept telling us that we were the ones with the wrong notions.

And thats why they say,Ignorance is bliss!

P.S: I have nothing against the landlady.She is infact,a very sweet lady.


vikas mk said…
I was instructed by my superstitious aunt not to even get out of bed before730 am, coz the eclipse meant all kinds of "negative energy". I saw no point correcting her, and was only too happy to oblige. So, woke up at 9 that day...;)
Iceman said…
Thank God, my folks don't believe in any of this crap. Or I would have probably burst a nerve and gone on a killing spree all over the city long back.

The day of the solar eclipse was any normal day for us.

Thank you god for mum and dad!

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