New Life........

I have nothing else to blog about besides the change in lifestyle that i am undergoing as of now.Of course i could blog about my work but I still have a partial picture about it.

*I live in mini Tamil Nadu.I share the 1st floor with 9 other tamilians.Dont ask about the ground floor.

*The only other Kannadiga is my roommate.Being classmates for 4 yrs(no wait,3),we are used to conversing in English.Now we are struggling to keep Kannada alive in the PG.We have different Kannada accents so thats a small problem as well.

*I heard a Tamilian feel sorry that we dunno Tamil.I was like,hey,wait-Youre in Karnataka and you should be feeling sorry about not knowing Kannada!

*I get to here more Tamil around me than English.

*My team leader thinks he should be more careful because we have same mother tongues.So here I was,overjoyed at finding some Marathi people around and they wanna be careful? HUH!!!!!

*I seem to fall sick almost once every fortnight.I'm sick of falling sick! *&^&%&@#^%&

*Ive become more moody.Mum says it allright and normal.Thank God!

*I tasted coffee and although Im not a fan of the way it tastes,it keeps me awake during presentations.

*Msg,Call! It helps me feel better.( I sound so desperate!!!!)


Iceman said…
Well..the dreaded Tamil Tentacles, make sure you stay away from it. Reminds of the swine flu *shudders*

Well yes, you are moody. Tom Moody would be proud of you!

And coffee...ahh, you tasted coffee. Congrats, you now have nothing missing in life. (Unless you haven't watched The Matrix and yet to chocolates either, which I know you have!)
kavya said…
Yes i agree. You have become Moody! its not normal! :P
anusha said…
@iceman n kavs

im moody cause i keep falling sick and live away from family and friends.

couple of months and ill get used to that as well.
damn said…
dude this is exactly how it was for me. I am not kidding wen i am saying tht. my PG had just tamil gals. man and they did pity us too. US as in me and my 2 kannada roomies. but u know the tamil gals managed to brainwash my roomie. she started watching tamil channels in our room and started learning the lang too. I still have these mood swings. my mum doesnt think its cool.

And DAMN nobody msgs me. i get only mytoday msgs and vodafone too, who promise me to find my 6 look alikes. and calls r scanty too coz of various reasons : 1 is married and the others r in chennai and calcutta. sorry for this huge a comment. i shld have blogged abt this. kudos
anusha said…
thank you damn for ur full suport.
and no,i absolutely dont mind the long comment.
the only way to make the tamil girls chatter away in their native lingos is to get them involved in uno.
thats one popular card game in the pg.
and im terribly sick,so much that i couldnt pull myself out of bed for the past 4 days.
Gecko said…
Well, looks like work is getting to you! the last time i was in this position, it was already more than 1 year and 4 months after starting my work! and you're just three months old! you've a long way to go and if you don't keep health at the top of your priority list, you're in for serious trouble! If you CAN'T keep health at the top of the priority list, then you're in the wrong job!
The falling sick part is cause you're probably not eating good food like back at home! And the moody part is cause you eat junk (and so you're left with probably too much sugar==energy and you don't know how to spend it) (heard of exercise?) :) (i know i sound like your mom, but believe me, i've been thru it and learnt a great deal!) If you want a message, pass your number on mail! you'll get some like clock work, no forwards though, and it'll cost you 5 bucks to reply! ;)
Hope to see you in better shape soon, Take care, and get well soon! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hear, hear, here! And damn me for pointing it!
anusha said…

Vishwas Krishna said…
Actually, @manysuchthings is myself. Couldn't login through gmail at that time, so posted it through open id. That comment referred to "I get to here more Tamil" line. Got it?
anusha said…
yeah i know that youre only mr.manysuchthings.
yeah,typing error-dint realise it until you pointed it out.

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