Things I miss.....

I miss,

Breakfast at home.

Spending time with my friends.

Milk,like never before.

Living in a room where i will not run into others clothes if i stretched my hand.

Back massages by mum.

Watching the news on tv.

Sonu and his honest expressions.

Live cricket.I feel like i'm in a different planet altogether.

All the stupid sms forwards.

Otherwise,I'm just doing fine... :)


Iceman said…
" Sonu and his honest expressions. "
damn said…
missing already? Long way to go :) But you will get lotta other priceless stuff. dont worry!!!!
anusha said…

i know he fails to display any emotions when youre around.


i know i sound like im homesick,but i aint.
Gecko said…
i'd say this is just the first list :)
anusha said…

soon ul be making one too. :P
Gecko said…
aaargh! got me there!

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