Almost 6 yrs after i passed out,i visited the school premises to change the address of the first bank account i ever had.The address still read 8th std,MMHS,Mysore. :D

When i was near the doorstep,i noticed the diminutive lady,clad in a cream and purple saree.I still remember that saree,the same she'd worn when she first tried to teach us Chemistry.I was doubtful whether she would even remember me.Well,the school had 6 sections each consisting of 100+ students passing out every year.Nevertheless,i approached her.

"Good morning ma'am".

"Good morning!"

She stared at me for a few moments and she told me,

"I remember you.Your face especially.But i dont remember your name".

You had to grant her the privilege of forgetting my name.Then she continued on,asking me what i was doing etc.She even told me I was looking cute. :P
Then i enquired about her health and she told me she just had a operation the previous month and they had found a tumor.Yet,there she was-standing in front of me,as enthusiastic as the first memory i have of hers.

"You're a strong woman ma'am."

"Of course! Ive had 6 operations so far.I have a lot of will power"

I guess this is what Mari's does to you.Irrespective of whether you're a teacher or a student.

Then she pointed towards a middle aged bespectacled man passing who wished her a good day.She later told me that he was also her student.
Teaching,must be one of the most satisfying jobs that one can do.


Suree said…
if one really love teaching.. that is the most satisfying job...

its should take as profession by choice not by chance

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