Mr.DataBase and Inder ;)

Firstly,thank you very much for your response on the 'Inder' post.
On popular demand,i decided to write a sequel to it. No,I'm not posting Mr.Inder's pic.

As expected,everybody who spotted my status on gtalk read my post. Including my teammate Mr.DataBase. :P
Mr.DataBase was vexed at how much was happening right under his nose. He was more curious than any cat and went on Inder's trail. Mr.DataBase, was the Man on a mission.
Just to add salt to his bruises,me and my roommate made it a point to drop scanty clues on him.
But i always thought Mr.DataBase was a bright fella. There was one vital clue in my post which he couldve used up to end his search in seconds. But he chose to take the long and harder path.
And unfortunately for Mr.DataBase, me and my roomie were his only torchbearers.
So off we started, mainly by doing our best to piss off Mr.DataBase. And we were doing a good job. That evening while the three of us navigated our way out of office, Inder just passed us all. After 20 seconds,we dropped the bomb on Mr.DataBase and announced,

“ Hey. You know what- Inder just passed us”

Mr.DataBase froze instantly in his tracks, and declared after a moment's hesitation-

“ I'm going back and looking at every guy ! ”

Me and roomie could hardly control ourselves. If we weren't walking on the road, we might have been rolling on the floor laughing our guts out. The night concluded with Mr.DataBase extracting a vital clue about Inder.
This led him to eliminating few of the men sitting in and around me. When me and roomie carried on with our giggling conversations , he decided that he'd had enough.
Mr.DataBase decided to stroll around my cabin to spot the elusive Inder. Coincidently,as he went in search of him, Inder just passed him in the opposite direction.

When i finally disclosed this to a very annoyed Mr.DataBase 20 mins later,he was almost tearing his hair in frustration. He even accused me of creating a fictional Inder.

A close friend of Mr.DataBase's read the post and announced to him-

“ Hey,why are you worrying so much ? You're only Inder!”

“ See,you're also short. You have brains-nobody is contesting that fact,but you're anything but brawny. Everything fits.”

Mr.DataBase had reached his boiling point.

“ You can tease me directly only.....!!! ”

So we began pestering Mr.DataBase as he requested. We encouraged him to give up.
“'re only Inder man! What else are you searching for??”

But Mr.DataBase did not give up on his quest so easily. He almost had figured out who Mr.Inder was when he took a wrong turn. He ended up on Mr.Wrong Inder's doorstep. So for the next few hrs he went about trying to convince me that Mr.Wrong Inder was only the right Mr.Inder. Only after we provided him sufficient proof did he realise that he had caught the wrong fish. Reluctantly,he had to Ctrl-Alt-Del his treasure hunt. And this time he banned us from conversing in Kannada, a language which was as familiar as Japanese to him.

P.S : This post is dedicated to Mr.Database,who complained that life was getting monotonous.


Anonymous said…
Nice one..:).. MR.DataBase all the best for your mission. Hope you find Mr.Inder soon... :)
damn said…
OMG!!! I must have seen him.
My PG had the same thingy going on. I guess this is the same story when a bunch of gals stay together. But the trouble in my case was, I couldnt see the guys.

Ur story was awesome. I hope I get to see him the next time I come to the "FOREST"
anusha said…
I wouldnt be surprised if it was the same guy. :P

Ill save you the trouble next time and show you around. :D
Arvind said…
..:)..All d very best to Mr.Database in his journey to reach Inder. I guess anusha , u must be havin tough time with Mr.Database until he gets Inder...:P.gud one..:)
kavya said…
I am hoping there won't be part 3 of this inder post. Ppl will start getting bored :D
Anyway I hope DB finds out soon who that fella is.
anusha said…

No,there wont be.Anybody interested in further developments can contact me directly.

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