Apna Valentine day wala gift :P

The day before V-day,Madhu calls me late at night. I've had a long and tiring day,and I wonder why she's called? 2 mins later i have 4 of my PG mates taking turns in describing the way they spent the day together. Raj insists on gabbling in the background and refuses to descend her throne(bed!!!) to get to the phone. And they all unanimously explain how Madhu got them all Valentine's day gifts. Hmmm. Interesting. To add to the mirth, Madhu explains between giggles that she's got something funny for me. I guarantee her that comedy,ought to be an integral part of life. As we doze off after a long chat,i ponder over what might be my mystery gift.

The day after V-day,I'm woken up in the early morning bus dazzled by the sunlight at this time of the day. While I'm still dragging myself over to the PG,Madhu calls up to tell that my gift has been placed on my Pillow. Ah,i head straight for the pillow,and this time-with more vigour than when i approach it sleepy eyed. I extract the contents out of the brown paper and i have a pair of earrings in my hands. I call Madhu immediately and thank her wholeheartedly for her thoughtfulness. I remind myself to give her a hug once she lands home(PeeeGeee) in the evening. And then,i wonder-whats so funny about a pair of earrings?????????

Evening arrives and electricity departs. Madhu arrives,and so does the electricity :)
I rush to her to give her a bear hug,and she dashes into her room and bolts her door. As i try to comprehend her unusual behaviour,i worriedly enquire about what happened? After a minuet,she emerges tittering,and holding a pair of socks in her hand. I couldn't control my joy,and hug her and hopped at the same time. Well aware that i am fond of socks,she got me striped ones for V-day. And now,i figured out the joke about my gift being funny :P

Thanks Madhu!!!! :)


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