It happens only in India

This incident was narrated to me by a train passenger,after which,the amount of respect i had for politicians plummeted down from ground level to dead sea level.

Picture this.
A man about 1.5,probably 2....Hmmmm....No,i think 2.5 times is more precise.
Ok,a man 2.5 times as large as me,seated on one seat. One of those railway seats. Those railway seats where 3 can sit under normal circumstances,and worst case scenarios result in 5 normal human beings are crammed into it. Yes,those railway seats. And this man was occupying one of those seats. Ok,you can say-a little more than one seat. You get the picture right?
A lady of 22,or rather,a girl of 22 arrives on the scene. Go back a few days in time,and it so happens that our 'Lady-in-distress' (you'll know why i call her that soon) had booked that very seat that our 'Two point five' was resting on. Our tired 'Lady-in-distress',after being through hell commuting through traffic,arrives to lay claim on her seat. But sprawled on it is our 'Two point five'. So,our 'Lady in distress' says-

LID : "This is my seat".
TPF : "Alle kootko"
LID : "But I've reserved this seat"
TPF : "Alli kootko andnalla"
LID : "But.... "
TPF : "Buttu illa,enu illa...kootko sumne"
LID : "Get up. I have reserved this seat"

By now,its clear that our 'Lady in distress' cannot converse in Kannada. Blame it on the English language,which does not accommodate any words which differentiate between Elders and Youngsters,to demonstrate respect. Our 'Two point five' is clearly offended by the respect conveyed by 'Lady in distress'.

Into the picture come 3 other men. Hearing the commotion that our TPF has raised,and his repeated claims that LID has no respect for elders-they take TPF's side instantly. It appears,that our TPF is some Big shot guy in the administration,and TPF's sidekicks begin to sing songs of TPF's fame-about his family,about his position,about his closeness to the bureaucrats,about how he can sit wherever he wants,about how stopping the train is just a phone call away for TPF,about how he can get the entire compartment emptied by the snap of his fingers,about how he is old,about how LID is like his daughter,about how he is being abused.....

LID begins to call her near and dear ones,and continues to sob as TPF and his sidekicks continue to take other people into his side. Its amazing how public can get mesmerized by a few words,an art which TPF is a master of. Many more people joined TPF's party. One guy even went on to say,that he had decided not to get married,since only girls like LID exist these days. How interesting,Mr.Brahmachari!

Concluding from LID's conversation on the phone,she is of our neighbouring state. Then one of TPF's sidekicks mutter to one of their newly acquired supporters-"She thinks she has a lot of influence. Let she call whoever she wants. Even i know who to call. Ondu phone hodadre saaku,gotta!!!!"

At this juncture,I wonder-Do these guys look at everything from a political angle?

To LID's temporary relief,the TC arrives. Finally! Just like the Police arrives after all the dishum-dishum in Hindi flicks,the TC too arrives. But this TC,is more like our Police in real life than reel life. His hand raises in the air of its own will,and rests near the temple,into a neat salute. LID's relief vanishes. Between sobs she explains how TPF has created a scene. TC just listens,and then he collects the reservation fee from TPF.( Our TPF had not even reserved a seat,and was seated majestically in the Reservation compartment!)

By now,the people in the compartment are clearly divided into 2 groups-those on TPF's side,and those not on TPF's side. Those on TPF's side continue to indulge in glorious stories about TPF's party,and in concluding how inefficient the opposing party is. Those who are not on TPF's side,are charecterized by their silence. They clearly do not want to get into the path of TPF and his sidekicks. And LID continues to sob for more than half of the journey.

This happens only in India!!!!!


Suree said…
oh thats sad....
Dreamweaver said…
How many countries have u been?
Why does everyone take a blame on "india"?
anusha said…
I've not been across the borders,but I'm sure we dont have politicians boarding trains,sitting in seats which rightfully belong to another individual,and then boast on of being capable of stopping the train,indirectly harassing the person who reserved the seat,and have officials (who are originally appointed to assist the public),take their side as well. Its just the way politics has grown in India,that we have to face issues which affect us directly and indirectly all the time.
shilpa said…
How sick of tht moron...more than the TC is sick. I wonder - whose help should we seek in such cases - GOD???
Vishwas Krishna said…
She can file a complaint against railways in the consumer court for deficiency of service.
Abhishek said…
tht's sad, wat the girl had to go thr'..but can't blame the country for one lousy bastard...

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