My May!!!

Since the last month was so eventful,i just decided to put in a few things in retrospect.

When i think of the 1st of May, i feel like its been ages. I find myself examining the last month like one of those old wrinkled ladies in movies recollecting their youth. I feel like I've grown older than a month.

In the past, I have always been excited by the arrival of May. It heralded a couple of important birthdays/anniversaries in the family. Mine included. And then there's always the rain hurling down from the skies,bringing the temperatures down. The showers were even more welcome this year since this summer was worse than the previous ( guess thats gonna be the trend to follow ). The temperatures across the country were reported in papers with as much fervour as the gold prices.

Then there were the numerous birthdays landing all through May. Friends from school, friends from college. Friends whom i hadnt spoken to in ages. Friends, whose numbers i wasnt sure about. A lot of wishes exchanged through the month.

Then there was the epic drama Malegalalli madumagalu, wont elaborate on that one. It earned its place in my blog long ago.And i happened to see a lot of movies too- How to train your dragon, Badmaash company, Catch me if you can, Housefull, Youve got mail ( lost count of the number of times i saw it before). The last in the list was a good watch, 'cause i paid more attention to the soundtrack this time around. Seriously recommend 'The Puppy Song' by Harry Nilsson. Not rock, not jazz-more like a nursery rhyme-but cute.

Then there was the weekend Birthday which passed away in silence, but was celebrated on Maunday. And the quick holiday plans that followed. Holiday plans which have made my May seem longer than it really was. And not to forget, there's always something on the office front to keep you on your toes ( toenails would've been more aptly suited ).

In the midst of all this there was my cousin's engagement. I still wonder why they say maduve fix aytu. The only things 'fixed' in the world are broken things or cricket matches. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure watching cousin bro and the smiling lady together late Sunday evening posing for photos, oblivious to the agarbathi burning my saree. Yes, they did really look good together. Havent given the saree a thought yet. Maybe once i get back from my 'vacation' ( as they refer to it in office).

This whole idea of taking a vacation, is sinking in now. Earlier, vacations didn't have to be worked hard for. They just landed into your calenders in the months of April, May , October and December by default when you were in school. And need i say anything about vacations in college? They just happened to crawl in and snuggle up in any free time of the year provided they didn't clash with your exams. But now, it has all changed. Now i need approvals from my manager before i get the nod from my own folks. And even then, you have to wrap up work like a typhoon is gonna land into your team in your absence. Have to gear up like people pad their walls and floor in anticipation of an earthquake. And the sad part, is they wont even know you're gone!

As stubborn as professional life maybe, I'm off to get my share of  peace,rest and quality time. Sad i wont get to see the start of the soccer world cup, or get to see who'll lift up the French open. But my trip is worth it. :)
Au revoir!


vikas mk said…
Peace, rest and quality time huh ? 2/3 aint bad :P
anusha said…
Dint realise it while writing. Definitely no rest, but i aint complaining!!! :P
quirkygirl said…
(Very) Belated birthday wishes. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead with many more trips like these! Where to headed you?
anusha said…

Was away on a trek to the Himalayas. To a place called Roopkund. Dint want to spill the beans until the dream had come true. :)

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