How to play Day and Night ??

Me and mum have picked up a fetish for playing badminton. What started off as a timepass between mum and neighbour aunty, has spread fervidly along the street. There are the two 5 yr olds who have talent, and might turn out to be tomorrow's Saina Nehwals. Then there's neighbour aunty, who used to skip basic household chores like Rangoli to play badminton during her childhood. Mum claims that she rarely builds a play-rapport with others, and neighbour aunty is one of the few people she's enjoyed playing with.
Then there's front house kid and his mum who cant resist while watching us play.
So, on any given evening over the weekend, you'll find around 7 people covering the length of my road,playing badminton. Of course, we arent great athletes, and we know we aint going anywhere with this-but if nothing, this is good exercise. It was delightful to watch my mum and one of the little girls play. A contest between a 5yr old and a 50+ lady, is not something that you come across often.
Everything's good, but we have just one problem. We stop play, because there's not enough light for continuing the game. No dearth of energy or enthusiasm, but just the lack of daylight. Me and mum experimented with playing under the street light too. You simply cant focus on the shuttlecock. We've even discussed about glow-in-the-dark shuttlecocks too !! :P
So, if you have any better ideas of how to play after dark, i'd be glad to hear your suggestions :)


quirkygirl said…
Reminded me of my childhood (Sigh!) when i would play badminton on the road with my grandpa. And worked hard towards bettering my rallies each time!
About the problem at hand, well, am sorry! No brainwave at all! :D
anusha said…
Well, never mind the brainwave thing. But glad to have sent you down your own memory lane :)
Maitreya J A said…
you get halogen lights pretty cheaply.. you can rig one up on the light pole. they are brighter than streetlights.. you can play easily in that light.. you can even rig it from a second story terrace or upstairs window onto the street

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