Twinkle twinkle, little star...

A couple of days ago, i was staring at the night sky from a crowded street, and i was having a tough time helping my friend spot the stars. With the street lights and the bright malls, and what not-the sky was not its usual jet black color. The night sky scene is much better from my rooftop, where there arent many street lights. Not that i can spot the stars, but i do get to see bright moving spots which are nothing but planes.
Thankfully the moon is big enough to outshine all the streetlights.

As i sulk about being unsuccessful in helping my friend spot the stars, it brings back fond memories from my Himalayan trek, where we could easily lie on the ground, and spot not just stars but a couple of geodesic satellites too.

I wonder... amongst all this light, have we lost the pleasure of idle star-gazing ??  


Iceman said…
When I used to come to this city until some 12 years ago, we could still stop all the stars.

That was when I got well versed with my constellations.
anusha said…
I suppose those were the days when you could actually bump into a Kannadiga in Blore.
Gecko said…
I learnt all my astronomy in Bangalore. I even saw the comet Temple Tuttle, some Leonid showers, the orion nebula with a pair of binoculars i was gifted and what i think till today, is the milky way. but that was the era of power-cuts. I'd be surprised today if you could peek through the haze of smoke above bangalore.

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