Kleeeshay !!

When you have spent a large portion of your life in Mysore, youre bound to know a lot of people. You keep bumping into them at every nook and corner, like they had been waiting there eternally, like lamp-posts. And more often than not, you wouldn't have met your acquaintances in a long time. Living in the age of computers, these people dont just lurk around the alleys of your city. Theyre very much there, on all the social networking sites, armed with conversations that tend to cover a wide range of topics.
And the rather cliched choice of greetings, is what vexes me most of the time. Do they really mean it, when they say it ??

Hi / Hello 
Most of the time, the general reaction to this salutation would be - " Uh, ohh... ", " He/She remembers me !!!! " , " Did i do something wrong ? " , " Now WHAT !? "

Whatsup !!??
Only Annoying Orange can get away with looking cool after delivering this missile. It usually leaves me puzzled and scratching my head, wondering what would be the most intelligent reply. And this phrase, has a limitation to the people you can hurl it on. You cant be asking your aunt " Whatsuppp ". Same applies to the manager too. Well, it applies to my manager, dunno about the rest of mankind. Usually, the cliched reply to the cliched greeting is "Nothing much... " 

" Hows work going ?? " 
We are all good liars ....

" When are you getting married ?? " 
Yes. I am in 'that' phase of my life ( Sigh ). Thanks for reminding me.

" You've lost so much weight " 
Kindly note-If i am actually telling you this, read between the lines, ladies - I want to know the secret !!!
And if youre telling me this, you gotta be kidding !

" Hows life? " 
Brand-ambassadors of LG, arent we?

I know i'm as much of a culprit of resorting to these cliches as any of you. But i'd like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful conversations i've had with people. People who have moved beyond the cliches :)


vikas mk said…
and the kannada cliches

hmmm ... matthe ? in en samachaara
reply : Enilla , Ella helbeku .

in a loop ... over and over again. Cliches are a non-subtle way of showing how disinterested you are in a particular conversation . . .
How desperate you are in continuing a dying conversation ... :P
anusha said…
@ Vikas

Yeah! Its like saying...."I dont want to say Goodbye yet" , or on the contrary..." When will you bid Goodbye??"
Iceman said…
That's why I hardly log in to chat these days.

Somebody pings you, you are busy with something else for 20 seconds...and poof, they have already closed your conversation box, under the dumb impression that the person at the other end can't make out ;)
Anonymous said…
This is true with anyone you talk to - with your own cousins, extended family or even parents especially if you live away from them. The first 5-10 minutes are spent in those clichéd pleasantries.
This happens to be true even with emails. Those blessed people who try to save every second find ways to do that: An example's here:
anusha said…
@ Iceman

Ah, the internal chat in our company, notifies us of the rudeness of the your chat-partner. It specifies - " So-and-so has closed the chat window"

@ Yasir

Yes. Life can get mechanical...!!

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