The name's Hazare,... Anna Hazare !

If you havent taken notice of the hullaballoo stirred up by Anna Hazare, then allow me to poke you, you thick skinned Dimwit ! This septuagenerian, who can be dubbed as 'Aaj ka Gandhi ' has taken up the brooms to sweep out corruption away from our country. There are grandfathers steering grandchildren to Jantar Mantar, the epicenter of this revolution, so they can witness 'history' in the making. There are 17 yr olds, with permission from school authorities and parents, to support Anna Hazare. The public has clearly demarcated the support they want to receive. Politicos Uma Bharti and Om Prakash Chautala were booed away vehemently, when they tried to join Anna Hazare in his quest.
The web-world is being flooded by online campaigns, tweets, pictures, links being shared and slogans like ' Mera Neta Chor Hai '.
The turn of events in the past week, has generated a lot of opinions. Some propose that bribe be legalised.
This man, has done a lot of things for our country - served in the army, worked for the villages, campaigned for RTI and now against corruption. You can read more about it here.
His philosophies are simple, and focus on development at grass-root level.
Of course, there are various facets to this revolution. We've been fed the updates through our media, who love to play Chinese whispers with us. The true picture, could be telling us a different story. Something like what i read at this site.
I've walked in rallies in Mysore, demanding the abolition of the reservation system. The students all over the country held candle-light vigils to fuel their protests. But the Quota system is too deep rooted in our system, to be eradicated at such short notice. Will the Jan Lokpal bill face the same fate ? Or will it just lose steam, sandwiched between the Cricket world cup and IPL? 


Dinesh said…
Today's Youth icon is ANNA HAZARE for Aam Aadmi and not Rahul Gandhi, any doubt? Good Job Students, Keep it up. GOD BLESS YOU. Support ANNA, Save India. JAI HIND.
Dinesh said…
Hope his efforts does not go in vain. Corruption level in India has gone out of hand and hope efforts like this will bring some check to it.
Kavya said…
I would just like to quote this from The Shawshank Redemption which is apt 'hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies' :)
anusha said…
If nothing-Anna Hazare has made us aware that corruption is a malignity in our system. Something which we have learned to ignore over the years. Ignorance is bliss. But we need to move out of our cocoons, and feel the sunshine of change ! :)
Kavya said…
@anusha: Anna hazare din't make us aware of the corruption. Everyone knew about it. Only thing is he took the initiative which noone did. Now all are joining hands with him which is commendable. We just have to wait n see who will win in janatha vs netha!
Anonymous said…
I agree tat this a step towards removing corruption.But isnt it very weak? All this effort to get another bill passed! Don't you feel it wil just add to the lis t of other bills tat we enjoy to go around and under to get our things done?
I dont think a law would help to eradicate corruption.Changes should be made at a finer fundamental level.
anusha said…
I'm not sure if this will culminate into a corruption subduing law, but its a nice feeling to see the nation united for a positive change.

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