Bike ride to Bannerghatta

When i say bike ride, i mean bicycle ride. Montmorency had company this weekend, as we headed towards Bannerghatta National Park. A sizeable 35 kms away from my home, we headed out at 7.30 in the morning. The weather was pleasant - no showers, and the daily commuters were yet to wake up from their weekend slumber. That left the roads empty for us, and after the breakfast at India Coffee House, we started off at around 8.20 a.m with about 25kms ahead of us. Kavs had some trouble with her MTB when the road curved uphill, but despite all the hiccups , she pulled it off well. Vikas' recently punctured tyre posed some hurdles during the first half of the ride, but thanks to a patch up on the way back, things went smooth in the 2nd half. A few pictures from the bike ride.


vikas mk said…
Turns out , kavya's MTB was actually a road-bike in disguise .
And +1 to the Doesnt-give-a-damn bear lying on the road.
Raghu said…
this should be a experience!!
I liked it..Nice photos too

Kavya said…
Haha Yeah. But it was a tough one to ride! Somehow pulled it off!! :)

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