My worst week with Betaal !

I (un)lovingly call my office laptop as Betaal. Its stuck on my back always, its heavy, and its a pain in the ass. Its worse than the real Betaal, because the only moral story I've learnt so far is ALWAYS TAKE A BACKUP !!!

While i was busy carrying the corpse of my laptop across different blocks of building, across different locations in Bangalore, there were other itsby bitsy things that cheered me up. Making a random list ....

* Finding a woolen cap that you wore when you were a kid, and even better, knowing it still looks cute on your head !
* Asking someone if the empty chairs are taken, only to discover that these bunch of scared looking people in neatly ironed formals are your juniors.
* Getting a direct bus home, and being home within an hour, in peak traffic time. In B'lore, that is a BIG deal !
* Pineapple passion icecream sundae ! :P
* Finding an old unused table lamp and finding it perfect for your use.
* Pasta !
* Not missing facebook. Not one bit.

I have also discovered, that the Blue Screen ( of Death ) is my worst nightmare .


CRD said…
Dont be soo harsh on BETAAL. He's shown you so many things, hasn't he?

Ok ok..he made you look for them yourself...big deal

quirkygirl said…
he he he! My laptop has been to all the places in bangalore that i have been to :) And lugging it doesn't seem such a chore anymore.
And totally understand the getting the direct bus home! Getting a seat above that is definitely a manifestation of ajji's puNya karya. :D
anusha said…

I tried to get rid of him, and got a new one from my company. But this one needs to be booted twice everytime i try to get to my desktop. I'm dreading the lengthy procedure that i've to go through to get this one fixed now.
And no, i dont work in a Govt office.

@ QG

Its not the carrying around that i mind, i even cycle 25 kms on some days carrying my Betaal. Its the S/W issues and the tortuously drawn-out procedures that tick me off.

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