Bucketing the wave

One of my teachers is as usual watching me and Kavs like a hawk.Waiting to pounce on us as soon as she spots a smile on our faces.By now Kavs has mastered the art of displaying zero emotions on her face.I'm still an amateur in that field though.OK-here's the picture-boring class(dead boring man!!!),lecturer with a dare-you-turn/talk/smile-and-ill-kill-you look and this month's Reader's Digest in hand.I came across this photo of The Grand Canyon,Arizona and i simply went-"WOWWWW".
.The caption read that this particular place,called as The Wave,was the Shangri-La for extreme hikers.Situated at an elevation of 1585 meters,the area has prints of Jurassic-age dinosaurs which can be spotted.To top it all,only 20 passes are given daily to preserve this place.When i showed it to Kavs,she was jumping with infectious enthusiasm!Fast-forward a few days-Me and Kavs are watching Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson's 'Bucket List' on Vicks's insistence that we see it together.Its a movie about the list of things you would do before Kicking the bucket.Naturally i thought of my Bucket List,and i'm sure "232" will agree with this-The Grand Canyon's gotta be on the list man!And I'd specifically like to be there with Kavs.Chances are remote-we might be living in cities with different STD codes 5 years from now.But if i wanna ever visit this place...its gotta be with Kavs.This post's for you,"232" :) .


kavya said…
Grand canyon is gotta be on the list 232.....N also sky diving! :P
I dont think its an impossible thing.... that too after watching Bucket list..........
After reading the post My desire to go there wit U has increased exponentially....:P
Praying for that day to come, when we will actually be standing there n staring at the cam n saying CHEESE!!! :) :D
vikas mk said…
having a far fetched dream can be totally fun.......cos if by some chance it does come true..........the joy of it is even better ............. So ..........to GRAND CANYON or BUST!!! :D
rubbiya said…
lucky u both dint get arrested by miss.killer looks!!!

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