December Discoveries

A series of simple findings....

1.You never truly appreciate what your pair of jeans go through until you wash them.

2.The review by Scott McNeally-Chairman,CEO and President of Sun Microsystems Inc found on the cover of "The Java Handbook" by Patrick Naughton starts off saying-"This book kicks butt.....".
Since it also happens to be prescribed as a textbook by VTU,be rest assured Mr.McNeally-it sure will do what you said.(Iceman's explanation regarding this matter is that since both Mr.Naughton and Mr.McNeally were former colleagues-this maybe termed as diplomacy...)

3.I cant fold my little finger without half-bending my ring finger.

4.BSNL has the worst possible service.They have made sensible progress though-earlier my messages used to reach 5 days late(Witness-Rubs).Now they have raised the standards by making sure my messages never reach the recipient.
Joke:Happy New Year 2009 messages may be delivered on the eve of New Year celebration of 2010,so it might be wise to send Happy New Year 2010 messages

5.Love thy neighbour...If they supply you with food while your parents are away,love them even more


Vishwas Krishna said…
Ha ha ha ha ha :)
Point 4 is really hilarious. As far as point 3, how could that be? Strange!
Gecko said…
@ point #2
putting it in the terms of point #1.. you never truly understand Mr.McNeally's comment until the day you'll have to write a Java exam to save your job (that is especially if you happen to be of the copy-paste & I'll-use-eclipse sorts! so, starting loving notepad as your best friend!!:p) and then find out that what you learnt for the exam is exactly the collection-of-information that they don't use at work place! I could go on and on and on... I'll stop now!

@ point #3
May be only you, or the cold froze my ring finger solid! \o/
anusha said…
#3 is true.and i mentioned it here in the hopes of finding one more specimen like me
@gecko-with a java exam morrow and the fact that i'm even blogging now,i'm sure i understand the gravity of your statement about exams and workplace.
Gecko said…
too many methods, too much cAmEl cAsInG and too many apis. Christmas eve in winter is not the right kind of time to be up preparing for this (it never is, but then i'm giving an "instance" ;) ) but i do understand your agony! Good luck! May be you should write a blog about how the exam went! i'd look forward to that! :)
rubs said…
since the discovery has been made...for pete's sake switch to some other network..!!!..ul be doin a favour on me!!!

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